Disciple Groups

Developing disciple making connections begins with understanding our personal relationships are impacted our spiritual relationship with Christ. The primary relationship for the disciple maker is being in love with Jesus. We share what we love. What we love consumes our lives, permeates everything we do and all that we are. It directs the path we travel.

Disciple making relationships result when the Love of Christ enters you, flows through you and transforms those around you.

FiC teaches that making disciples is not just another Bible study. Rather, it is the application of the Word of God into our lives. Everyone is being “discipled” by someone or something. Education, athletics, entertainment or thugonomics are all willing teachers eager to disciple you. Each person is responsible for determing the source of the information source for their transformation. Through making disciple groups available, less mature believers are exposed to everyday people in a nonintimidating environment. Trust is developed, walls break down, accountability is established and lives are transformed.

Training Sessions

FiC has developed a year program of monthly training sessions designed to get churches focused on growth in prayer, evangelism, discipling and mission work. These are all components of disciple making and are essential to the spiritual growth of the individual which enables the church to not only grow spiritually but to also be better equipped to accomplish the work God has prepared.