What is your ministry focus?

Making disciples. Helping others grow in their relationship with Christ through understanding of God's word, teaching them how to implement this understanding into their life and providing opportunities for application of this understanding in their community.

How can your ministry benefit our church?

Reinforcing the disciple making instruction that is probably already taking place.

Many pastors have said 1% of their members are actively making disciples. Our experience has shown, on average, churches with less than 200 active members tend to have 1 to 3 believers with a desire to become more like Christ and want to lead others in their spiritual growth. FiC works with these disciples to encourage them and develop their abilities to make more disciples.

As we work in an area, God reveals ministry opportunities that provide a launch pad for the disciple makers to engage their church to participate. Results, they become disciples who are on the path to becoming disciple makers, fulfilling Jesus' call to the church.

How do you finance your ministry?

God provides our funding through people, businesses and churches who believe in the work He is doing through us. We are a 501-C-3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

Visit our PARTNERING page to make donations.

Do you speak at special events?

Yes. We are available for a variety of events including: revivals, crusades, retreats...

Contact us to discuss details and scheduling.

404-787-0171; randallhamer@gmail.com