Freedom ringsā€¦an American theme that many people have never lived. Held captive by expectations of the world, few people ever experience true freedom. The freedom that is not the given by a constitution but is the result of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

March of 2016, six men made a commitment to meet for breakfast every Friday morning and have prayer, bible study and encouragement. Each week we would dive into the Word and talk about the opportunities surrounding us. One of our men began asking, “So what are going to do?” The answer to this question was the birth of Freedom in Christ Ministries.

Our simple beginning was to have an area crusade, but as we prayed and planned, God showed us He wanted more. Having a strong background in disciple making, I suggested a format to reach our area by teaching foundational elements for spiritual growth. Monthly, we hosted free “bootcamp” trainings that focused on Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship, where we would take believers beyond the surface level of religion. We introduced them to scriptural and practical applications that transform the mundane church-goer into a mature believer who is a “fully trained disciple.” (Luke 6:40)